A number of different approaches are used to defend the reality and truthfulness of the Christian faith — we can consider evidences for the resurrection of Jesus, reasons to believe in the Bible, or perhaps philosophical approaches like the cosmological or teleological arguments for the existence of God. These all have their proper  place and value, but another approach is to simply consider how Christianity makes sense of questions every human being asks —Is there meaning to human existence? How do I make sense of suffering? Is death really the decisive and final end of life?

These are the kinds of questions that are being considered in Pastor Bob's current sermon series called, “How to Make Sense of Life.” We will be looking at various texts of Scripture to see if Jesus provides answers that correspond with reality as we know it. 

This series will provide a great opportunity for you to invite neighbors, friends and relatives to church in May. The focus of this series will be apologetic or evangelistic in nature, so please consider prayerfully who you might invite. We have provided invitation cards for you to use in this effort. You can pick some up at the Welcome Center.

Here is the schedule of upcoming sermons:

· May 7 — How to Make Sense of Life

· May 14 —  How to Make Sense of Morality

· May 21 — How to Make Sense of Suffering

· May 28 — How to Make Sense of Beauty

· June 4 — How to Make Sense of Identity

· June 11 — Andrew Brown, our youth director, will be preaching

· June 18 — How to Make Sense of Death


Click here to listen to past sermon in this series.