Be Included in the New Life Photo Directory

October 14-16, 2-9 pm

Lifetouch will be photographing our families for a new church directory.

It’s been about five years since we last put out a directory, and a lot has changed! Families have come and gone from New Life, staff have changed, and kids have grown up.

From Monday, Oct. 14 to Wednesday, Oct. 16 (the week after fall break), Lifetouch will have professional photographers at New Life to take photos for a new church directory.

We want to encourage everyone that considers New Life their church home to participate! You don’t have to be a member to be included in the directory. We’re excited that this will give us a helpful, standardized way to put names and faces together.

And the best part is: it’s free! Each family that participates will be professionally photographed for free, receive one free 8x10 photograph of their directory image, and receive a free copy of the new church photo directory. Additional photos can be purchased separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will this cost me?

    Nothing! Every family unit will receive a free photography session, a complimentary 8x10 photograph of their directory image, and a complimentary printed and/or mobile directory. Your free 8x10 photograph will be the same as the photo you select to include in the directory. You will have the option to select additional photos for purchase.

  2. How do I sign up?

    Click here to reserve your session online. You can also sign up on Sunday mornings at the Welcome Center.

  3. Do I need to be a member to be included in the directory?

    No! We want all congregants, members and non-members, who consider New Life their church home to be included.

  4. Are Guests Welcome?

    Everyone is welcome! When families arrive at the event, we will ask them if they attend New Life and if they would like to be included in the directory or not. This means that families outside of our church in the community can also attend. As long as they sign up for a photography session, they can participate and opt out of the directory but still receive one free 8x10 photo.

  5. Are pets welcome?

    Yes! Your pet is welcome to be included in your family photograph. It’s recommended that you take your pet for a walk prior to photography to expend some energy, bring a leash, and bring a toy/treats that your pet will respond to. Consider arriving early to allow your pet(s) time to become comfortable.

  6. Is there a limit to how many photos can be taken?

    You are limited only by your allotted session time. Each session is 10 minutes long. It’s recommended you reserve at least two sessions back-to-back if you want multiple photos taken, if you have small children, if you have more than 6 people in your photo, or if you’re being photographed with a pet. You will be given the option to purchase additional photographs at the end of your session.

  7. What Can I Expect at my portrait session?

    A professional photographer will photograph you and your family on site at New Life. After your photography session you will view your images, select your directory pose, and have the opportunity to order additional photography products.

  8. What should I wear?

    Visit this page for help with how to get ready for your portrait session.

  9. Can I submit my own photo to be included in the directory?

    While you may have family photos of your own, we highly encourage everyone to have their directory photo taken by Lifetouch. The purpose of our church directory is to identify members of our congregation, and a directory with standardized, professional photos will make that easier.

  10. will I receive a directory?

    Every family unit that is photographed will receive a free 5.5 x 8.5” directory. We have chosen Lifetouch’s Community Connect option for our directory, which means we will also have access to a free mobile, online version of the directory.

  11. When Can I expect to receive my directory?

    It should take around 6-8 weeks from the time of the event until the directories and photographs are available for pickup at the church.