50 Things for Which I am Thankful

Pastor Bob O'Bannon

Originally this was intended to be posted last week, in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, but the Ferguson situation was so prominent that I chose to comment on it instead. So, with the holiday past but still fresh in our minds, the following are things, truths and people for which I am very thankful (in no particular order):

1. The death, resurrection and ongoing intercession of Jesus Christ on my behalf.

2. The wisdom and relevance of God’s Word in the Scripture.

3. The beauty and glory of God so abundantly displayed in creation.

4. The love, joy and companionship of my wife.

5. Bacon. 

6. A healthy body that can play basketball at 50 years old. 

7. Fat Tire pale ale.

8. My black Cannondale mountain bike.

9. A strong, rich cup of coffee to start each day.

10. Anna Maria Island.

11. The rediscovery of collecting and hearing music on vinyl records.

12. My spiritual family at New Life Presbyterian Church in Yorktown, Indiana.

13. The change of the seasons.

14. The writings of the Puritans. 

15. Thunderstorms. 

16. Hearing my wife sing around the house.

17. The work of the Holy Spirit to keep my mind and heart turned toward Christ.

18. The privilege of serving as a pastor and being able to teach his Word every week.

19. The fact that we are conducting one, not three, worship services on Sunday morning at New Life Presbyterian.

20. My mother, sisters, and in-laws. 

21. The gifted staff at New Life, with whom I have the privilege of working week by week.

22. The resources and time to buy and read books.

23. Hot showers.

24. The ability to walk.

25. The ability to see.

26. The ability to hear.

27. The Charlie Brown Christmas album by Vince Guaraldi. 

28. My two border collies, Neko and Riley.

29. The richness of the reformed theological tradition of which I am privileged to take part.

30. The promise that where sin increases, grace increases all the more.

31. Running water.

32. The Simpsons.

33. Netflix’s instant stream service.

34. Rickenbacker 12-string guitars.

35. Great friends. 

36. The way the Biblical worldview makes sense out of reality.

37. The fact that death is not the end.

38. The elders and deacons at New Life Presbyterian. 

39. Thai Smile.

40. Parents who stayed together and gave me a secure and happy upbringing.

41. The promise of a resurrected body and eternal life in the New Jerusalem.

42. Pineapple.

43. The courageous efforts of men like Athanasius, Martin Luther, and J. Gresham Machen to stand for truth in the midst of powerful cultural pressures.

44. Paul Gebel, a Campus Crusade staff person, who shared the Gospel with me 33 years ago.

45. The music of the Beatles, Elvis Costello, Chopin, the Kinks, XTC, Iris Dement, the Smiths, Sigur Ros, and U2.

46. Snow. 

46. iPhones.

47. The writings of C.S. Lewis.

48. Indoor plumbing.

49. The freedoms I enjoy as a citizen of the United States of America.

50. A warm bed.