5 Reasons to Start a Blog

Pastor Bob O'Bannon

Let me admit right off the bat: I am somewhat reluctant to start writing a blog. For one reason, I tend to be the kind of person who resists trends and is slow to jump on bandwagons. Secondly, I’m not sure I have the time to write regular blog articles. And thirdly, it seems a bit presumptuous to assume that there are people out there in cyberspace who would be interested in what I think about anything.

And yet I have decided that yes, I am going to start writing a blog. There are at least five good reasons for this:

1) A blog provides an opportunity to express ideas that are not appropriate in a sermon. As a pastor, the primary venue in which I express ideas is in the pulpit on Sunday mornings. And in the pulpit, I consider it my responsibility to relay what the Bible says, not what I have to say. In a blog, there is freedom to communicate ideas related to culture, music, movies, politics and other issues that can’t (and shouldn’t) be expressed in a sermon.

2) A blog provides an opportunity for people to know their pastor better. As much as I would like to know everyone at New Life in a personal way, it is simply not possible. Sunday mornings tend to be a frantic rush, and then we all go our separate ways for the week. I don’t get to see most of you until the following Sunday, when the frantic rush starts again. Perhaps a blog will assist in helping us know one another a little better.

3) Writing helps to bring ideas into clearer focus. It’s one thing to think you understand something; it’s quite another to actually put into writing what you think you know. Writing not only helps me clarify my thoughts, but it allows me to hear and learn from others as I have the privilege of interacting with their responses.

4) Blogging is a good way to connect with people. My hope is that, as I blog, I’ll meet new people with whom I have some things in common, and perhaps new relationships can begin. It would also be my delight if God in his grace would be pleased to use some of these blog posts to lead people even one step deeper into an understanding of the grace of the Gospel.

5) I like to write. To put it bluntly, I think writing a blog will be fun. I look forward to it. And my hope and prayer is that you will look forward to reading it. So let the blogging begin!