Welcome Families Needed for Indiana Academy International Students

Author: Shannon Bryan

Greetings! The world is coming to us, and we have an opportunity to impact it for the good of the kingdom of heaven –would you prayerfully consider the following opportunity?  

The Indiana Academy high school on Ball State University's campus is pleased to announce that the exchange program continues to grow.  Here is an update:

  • 14 international students this fall (high school juniors and seniors)
  • The new juniors will arrive early for a camp in Michigan at the end of July and here in Muncie during the second week in August
  • 5 of the incoming students still need local host families. Will you be a Welcome Family?

A Welcome Family is a family that agrees to host an exchange student in their home for one semester (as opposed to the 10 month academic year).  The main reason for doing this is that it enables the students to still come - since they are excitedly waiting to hear from us and expecting to fly here in less than two weeks.  It then gives us time to find a permanent home (I’ll continue searching while they are here).  A Welcome Family is very important, because it helps us get them here!

Will you be a Welcome Family?  This would be one semester.  No previous experience required.  If you can help, please let us know.  

Benefits of being a 3-month Welcome Family:

  • You will grow to love your international host kid.
  • Hosting is not as complicated as you imagine.
  • These are gifted, phenomenal students with anywhere from 7-13 years of English.
  • They are also very sweet-hearted, with unique personalities (see their bios below).
  • You’ll get to host one of the international students for a while, but you won’t be tied to the full year. A short-term, nice dose.
  • We are creating a loving atmosphere for diversity and international connectedness that will change all of our lives – students, Muncie families, and employees alike.
  • I’ll personally help and guide you (coordinate).

If you have an interest in hearing more about becoming a Welcome Family, please contact me directly at sbryan@flag-intl.org, scbryan@bsu.edu or jsnow@flag-intl.org.  If you cannot be a Welcome Family, please help by sending this web link to other Muncie families you know.  Host families come in all shapes and sizes: Academy families, non-Academy families, younger/same age/older children, college-age or adult children, no children, empty-nesters, singles, etc. Anyone interested in becoming a host family is encouraged to apply.

Thank you in advance,

 Shannon Bryan & Jessica Snow

sbryan@flag-intl.org, jsnow@flag.intl.org

765.702.6670            703.303.9930


Esther - South Korean Girl
Esther wants to study in the U.S. to have more opportunities for her future and to make close friends with Americans. She is Christian and attends church once per week. She really hopes to live with a Christian family. Her favorite activities are drawing, volunteering, volleyball, reading, a taking walks in her neighborhood. Likes pets. Wants to major in biology. Describes herself as compassionate, friendly, a good listener, cheerful, and optimistic. She writes “I am a person who always cares for others and shares my positive energy.” Her teachers write that she is active in class is “one of the best high-achievers” in her school in South Korea. Another says she is “an exceptional student even among her high achieving peers” and exerts effort to maintain positive relationships with everyone. Her parents describe her as honest and very thoughtful, always considering others and has love towards others.” She is described by FLAG as “wise beyond her years,” “incredible, such a dear” and “a host family’s dream student!” Exceptional English proficiency. No trace of an accent.

Judy - Chinese Girl
Judy hopes to get a good education and the “valuable experience” of living with an American host family. She competes in badminton and truly loves swimming. Her favorite activities are watching movies, drawing, and reading. She enjoys watching the Academy Awards on TV. Her favorite movie is 2013’s Les Miserables. Judy likes pets. She describes herself as trustworthy, genuine, and honest, kind, considerate, good-temperament, and warm-hearted but realizes she can also be a quiet personality. She is good listener and a good friend. Wants to learn from and connect with her host family, make new friends, and participate in extracurricular activities. She has lived in a dorm for the past 1.5 years and is not worried about homesickness at all! Her parents describe her as open-minded, self-reliant, and never spoiled. Judy desires tranquility and peace in life.

Charlotte -Chinese Girl
Her greatest hope is to learn and enjoy the lifestyle of American people. She admires the open mindedness and culture of the U.S. She wants to create wonderful memories with her host family. Her favorite activities are reading (favorite author is Jane Austen), singing, drawing, watching movies and drama. Describes herself as friendly, conscientious, thoughtful, and always willing to help others. She is keen about the world, does not break rules, and a fast learner who can easily adapt to a new environment. Very proud of her colorful Chinese culture and wants to share how beautiful and deep it is. Her teachers say she is very smart and outgoing and one of the most active students in class. She wants to be a computer programmer. Likes pets, especially cats. Her parents describe her as smart and kind. Charlotte won “Outstanding Student’ and “Outstanding Class Leader” of her school district at age 11. Her English is excellent.

Roubing - Chinese Girl
Roubing loves life! Wants to enrich her life through the “precious opportunity to live in a host family.” After high school, she wants to study psychology or international politics. Her favorite activities are watching American TV shows, reading and running. Likes pets and has a dog at home. Describes herself as open-minded, optimistic, intelligent, and motivated. Believes she has a great personality that always allows her to bring warmth and kindness to others. She has a wide range of interests. A member of English Club and Model UN. Teachers describe her as intelligent, hardworking, kind and loving with “outstanding interpersonal skills” and gets along well with peers inside and outside of the classroom. Roubing has a sunny disposition, and is clever and quick. She is full of energy, positivity and enthusiasm!

Alice - Chinese Girl
Alice wants to major in Literature or Chemistry. She is a Christian and hopes to live with a Christian family in order to pray together, and be “lifelong” friends. Likes kids and siblings. Has a 12 year old sister at home, and dog. Her favorite activities are music and dancing (sometimes called the “dance queen” by her friends), painting, playing the piano and photography. She “loves” Taylor Swift and shopping. Believes American culture is rich and diversified. Hopes to enjoy the beauty of Chinese and American cultures together with her host family. She describes herself as outgoing, honest, patient, open-minded, with a high sense of responsibility. Has traveled abroad 6 times, studied abroad in Britain and Italy, and has visited LA and Hawaii. Currently lives away from home, at school in a dorm. Teachers describe her as “one of the best students in my class” with a wonderful personality, cheerful, friendly, and responsible. Another writes that she is “an active participant in activities including dance performance, and volunteering to help others with her gentle loving heart.” Her parents say she has grown up in a warm and harmonious family and has a cheerful personality. FLAG describes her as talkative and energetic, who will get along with any group of people!