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Awana Ministry Canceled?

Well, not really, but the 2012-2013 ministry year is in jeopardy if more people do not accept leadership roles soon. At present, Jon and Karen Bouw are covering three leadership positions within the Awana ministry. They can no longer maintain this level of involvement. If at least two of the following jobs are not accepted by someone else, the Bouws will not lead Awana next year. Jon and Karen are very willing to train and help new leaders, but they must have help with these responsibilities. In order to be considered for these roles, one must be a church member and approved by the Session.

PLEASE read over the following job descriptions and prayerfully consider how God is leading you. These positions must be filled for Awana to continue. Contact the church office with any questions.


Director of Awana

Many of these tasks may be delegated to team members.

1. Advertise – signs in the community, announcements in newspaper, Lifeline, and church

2. Recruit and train volunteers

3. Set annual schedule

4. Determine and organize special activities

5. Lead team meetings prior to new club year

5. Order supplies

6. Schedule special speakers

7. Set up building and return to original set up each Wednesday

8. Communicate with parents

9. Communicate schedule and building needs with Office Administrator

10. Organize and host Award Celebration at end of year

11. Determine weather cancelations

12. Supervise leaders of Cubbies, Sparks and T&T

13. Greet parents and children each Wednesday

14. Provide support to leaders during each club.

15. Maintain a collection of board games for pre-club activity

16. Open each Awana evening (welcome, give announcements, introduce the music person, and dismiss the children to their classes)

17. Schedule volunteers to arrive early and stay late to monitor children who arrive early and are picked up late

18. Serve as liaison to the Session

19. Prepare Annual Report

Sparks Director and T&T Director

The Sparks Club is for children in Kindergarten – 2nd grade. T&T (Truth & Training) Club is for children in 3rd-6th grade. Some of these tasks may be delegated to team members.

1. Set Bible lesson schedule and schedule volunteers to teach

2. Maintain accurate records of children’s progress

3. Set up room each Wednesday and return it to original set up

4. Maintain supplies and communicate supply needs to Awana Director

5. Supervise volunteers and arrange for substitutes

6. Open each Bible lesson time with prayer and announcements.

Sparks only –  Arrange for a small craft/activity for each evening.

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