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We want God’s kingdom to spread throughout Muncie, Yorktown and the world as ordinary people are empowered for extraordinary living through the grace of the Gospel and through the multiplying of Gospel-centered churches.

Sermon Series on Malachi Starting March 12

Pastor Bob will begin a sermon series on March 12 called, “Malachi — A Dialogue with God about Spiritual Boredom.” Malachi is the last book in the Old Testament, the final prophetic word to Israel before the coming of Jesus. The book is unique in … [Read more]

‘Life Explored’ Starting March 9

A class called "Christianity Explored” (CE) has been offered here at New Life regularly for the last several years. Many people in this church and in the community have taken it, as well as the follow-up class, "Discipleship Explored” (DE). We are … [Read more]

Nomination Period Now Open for Elder & Deacon

The nomination period for elders and deacons is now open. This is the time when you, the members of New Life, can have input on who leads our church. One of the responsibilities of church members is to discern, based on the leading of God’s Spirit … [Read more]

Adult Sunday School Classes for Winter 2017

On Jan. 15, Pastor Brian will resume his class on Laying Down the Law: Discerning the Proper Place and Practice of the Ten Commandments. The class will be picking up at the fourth commandment and will continue through the winter. On Feb. 12,  Dr. … [Read more]

Annual Meeting Jan. 30

New Life’s annual congregational meeting will be Monday evening, Jan. 30 at 7 pm. At New Life we have one regularly scheduled business meeting a year, and this is it. If you are a member of the church, it is important for you to attend. If you are … [Read more]

Should Christians Long for the ‘Good Ol’ Days’?

As we begin a new year, we have been inundated with countless retrospectives of the year past (in sports, politics, movies, music, deaths), along with various predictions for the year coming (some positive, some ominous). In any case, whenever a new … [Read more]