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We want God’s kingdom to spread throughout Muncie, Yorktown and the world as ordinary people are empowered for extraordinary living through the grace of the Gospel and through the multiplying of Gospel-centered churches.

‘Faith & Film’ This Friday, Dec. 19

A movie night will be held this Friday, Dec. 19, beginning at 6 pm. The movie being viewed and discussed is It’s A Wonderful Life. Space is limited, so if you’re interested be sure to contact the church office to sign up.   … [Read more]

10 Favorite Songs of 2014

My musical tastes tend to be peculiar, probably not what you would expect from a Presbyterian pastor. It probably all started when I was brought up as a kid listening to Bach, the Kingston Trio and the Beatles, all roughly at the same time. … [Read more]

Christmas Worship Schedule

Please mark your calendars for New Life’s Christmas season worship services coming up later this month. We will continue to celebrate Advent through this month, then will have our Christmas service on Sunday, Dec. 21 at 10:30 am. We will also have a … [Read more]

50 Things for Which I am Thankful

Originally this was intended to be posted last week, in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, but the Ferguson situation was so prominent that I chose to comment on it instead. So, with the holiday past but still fresh in our minds, the following are … [Read more]

Some Reflections on the Situation in Ferguson

It was especially painful to watch the rioting that took place in Ferguson, Missouri, Monday night — the businesses being burned, the sad memory of the circumstances surrounding Michael Brown’s death, the racial wounds that were again being ripped … [Read more]

‘Porn Kills’ Seminar Audio Available

If you weren't able to make it to the Porn Kills but Jesus Saves seminar, you can listen to the sessions on our website. You can find the audio for the seminar by clicking here.   … [Read more]